AlphaBeta is a Fintech company specializing in quantitative investment strategies. The company was founded in 2010 by Koby Shemer, one of the founders of the investment house “Analyst”. Approximately 1 billion shekels are managed using AlphaBeta’s strategies today.

AlphaBeta develops innovative investment strategies based on leading academic research and the empirical findings of Nobel Prize laureates in the fields of Economics and Behavioral Economics. These strategies are assessed in different markets across the globe, and applied as practical tools for managing clients’ investment portfolios.

Company management

Koby Shemer
Owner & Chairman
Koby Shemer brings 35 years of rich experience in investments and establishing successful companies in Israel and abroad. Koby founded the investment house “Analyst” and the successful coffee chain “Arcaffe”. Koby has a BA in Economics from Haifa University and an MA in Economics and Business Management from the University of Minnesota.
Ron Shemer
Owner & CEO
Ron Shemer brings more than 2 decades of experience managing companies and private equity. Ron founded the restaurant chain “Joya”, served as CEO of the coffee chain “Arcaffe”, and currently serves as AlphaBeta's CEO.
Lital Sherman
Director & CMO
Lital Sherman brings more than 16 years of experience managing customer relations and marketing for Israel's leading financial groups. Lital has served as the manager of institutional customer relations and corporate recruitment in Discount Bank's business department. She has also served as marketing manager at the investment house “Excellence”. Today Lital manages the RPS hedge fund marketing. Lital has a BA in Economics and Business Management from the management college at Rishon LeZion and an MBA in Business Management. She specializes in finance and capital markets.

Investment Philosophy

AlphaBeta’s unique investment perspective wholly embraces quantitative investment management. It places financial science as the top criteria for the successful management of our clients' investments.
To implement this investment perspective, AlphaBeta combines different strategies based on scientifically proven factors and AI, with the goal of achieving high Alpha.

Key Milestones

AlphaBeta Founded
Established the subsidiary company SmartBeta in cooperation with Althsuler Shacham
RPS Hedge Fund Established
Mutual Funds
AI Strategies


AlphaBeta has professional collaborations with leading institutions in finance and academia, such as Altshuler Shacham investment house. It also collaborates with leading universities in Israel.

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