Our Vision

Alpha Beta is an Israeli Fintech company that specializes in developing quantitative investment strategies and technological asset management tools.

Founded in 2010 by Koby Shemer, co-founder of Analyst IMS Investment (TLV: ANLT), AlphaBeta develops innovative indices and investment strategies which are backed by decades of academic research combined with extensive knowledge and experience.

The company’s activities are based on the constant evaluation of factors that drive the various markets in the world, resulting in the formation of practical strategies that can be applied to customer portfolios.

Our organizational culture and intellectual curiosity keep us innovative and make us stand out. By challenging long-standing beliefs and conducting in-depth research, we transform theory into practical investment tools.

Alpha Beta collaborates with leading investment houses which execute our innovative investment strategies and asset management methods.

In addition, at the RPS FUND LP (by Alpha-Beta), we harness various strategies in order to achieve Absolute Return with a very low correlation (Beta) to market returns. *

* The information presented herein is provided strictly for informational purposes and is not intended and does not constitute a distribution, an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or other financial instruments (hereinafter: “Financial Instruments”) in any jurisdiction. Any such offer of Financial Instruments is restricted to only a limited number of investors (35 investors or less during any given 12 month period) selected in a manner determined by the presenting entity managers, and/or those categories of investors, listed in the First Addendum to the Israeli Securities Law, as amended from time to time


AlphaBeta Team (1)

Koby Shemer


AlphaBeta Team (7)

Shmuel Oderberg

General Manager

AlphaBeta Team (3)

Ron Shemer

Founder & RPS Hedge Fund Manager

AlphaBeta Team (2)

Idan Schatz

Research Team Leader

AlphaBeta Team (8)

Lital Sherman

CMO - RPS Hedge fund

AlphaBeta Team (4)

Vasili Anoshin

Software Engineer

AlphaBeta Team (2)

Oded Zimerman

Senior Researcher

AlphaBeta Team (6)

Oleg Dizengof

Researcher & platform manager


Hanan Libhaber


AlphaBeta Team (1)

Guy Lavi

Trading Manager