Accessibility statement



The internet arena is a platform for expression and self-representation, and it serves us as a social and political arena.

We buy and sell, work and are exposed through it today more than before.

As such, there is an obligation to provide the public with an enjoyable and easy surfing experience as possible.


We invest a lot of resources to make this website accessible to enable the surfing experience for the entire population and people with disabilities.

The motto that leads us is Human Dignity and liberty, as this is a cornerstone of Israeli society because we all have equal rights and are equal in essence.


Accessibility statement:

The company’s telephone router is accessible to people with disabilities.

The company has less than 25 employees.

For inquiries in the field of accessibility, you can contact by phone: 03-9434140 or by email:


Accessibility arrangements at the company’s offices:

  • The company offices have an accessible entrance
  • There is an accessible elevator
  • Handicapped parking next to the company’s office building
  • Entry is allowed with service animals


Using the accessibility component:

The enable accessibility plugin is embedded on this website, which helps make the website accessible to people with disabilities.


Menu user guide:

  1. The site adjustment button and site tags for assistive devices and technologies for people with disabilities
  2. Button to enable navigation using the keyboard keys between the links on the site
  3. The button to disable the flashing and/or moving elements on the screen
  4. Button to enable monochrome black and white mode for the color blind
  5. Sepia button (brown tone)
  6. High contrast change button
  7. Black and yellow button
  8. Color inversion button
  9. A button that clearly highlights all the title tags that appear on the site
  10. A button that clearly highlights all the links that appear on the site
  11. A button that displays the alternative description of all the images that appear on the website on mouseover
  12. A button that displays a permanent description of the photos on the site
  13. Button to cancel the use of a legible font
  14. Button to increase the font size on the site
  15. The button to reduce the font size on the site
  16. Button to increase the entire display to about 200%
  17. Button to reduce the entire display to about 70%
  18. Mouse cursor increase button
  19. Button to increase the mouse pointer and change its color to black
  20. Website reading status button
  21. Button showing the accessibility statement
  22. Reset button that cancels accessibility
  23. Send accessibility feedback button
  24. Button to change the language of the bar and the accessibility statement accordingly


The accessibility bar has 2 types of magnification for your convenience, but if you want to enlarge the letters even more, you can use the following keyboard functions:


  1. The Esc key will open and close the accessibility bar
  2. The Ctrl + key will increase the text on the site
  3. Ctrl key – will reduce the text on the site
  4. The Ctrl 0 key will return the site to its original size
  5. Space key (SPACE) will take the site down.
  6. The F11 key will enlarge the screen to full size – another press will reduce it back.


For the avoidance of doubt:

We are committed to making our sites accessible to all people, able-bodied and disabled.

On this site you can find the technology that suits your needs.

This site is a site usable by the entire population for the most part and with maximum effort.

You may find elements that are not accessible because they have not yet been accessed or no suitable technology has been found, and we guarantee that every effort is made to improve and make it accessible at a high level and without compromise.

If you encountered difficulty browsing the site and viewing our content, we apologize and would be very happy if you would draw our attention to this.


The accessibility statement was updated in July 2023.

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