A Factor-Based System for Investment Management

"AlphaAccess" is an investment management platform that fully implements AlphaBeta's investment methodology: factor investing and AI. The system is a unique development of AlphaBeta and is used to manage our clients’ investment portfolios efficiently.


How Does the System Work?

"AlphaAccess" goal is to build investment portfolios with an attractive risk profile, which is to say, high returns with the lowest possible risk. Beyond that, "AlphaAccess" achieves additional objectives, such as presenting the performance of different types of strategies in several markets around the world and examining their effectiveness.

In the first stage, Alpha Access examines the factors performance in different markets
In the second stage, after the strategies effectiveness has been verified both scientifically and practically, they are applied in the investment portfolios of the company's clients.
After verifying the efficiency of each factor and strategy, their contribution to the investment portfolio is examined according to returns, and parameters such as Sharpe, Beta, Drawdown and Standard Deviation.
In the last step, the system monitors the performance of the factors and strategeis on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

What Information is AlphaAccess Based on?

“AlphaAccess” is based on quantitative strategies and includes data on 40,000 stocks across 93 different markets across the globe. The system is updated daily using stock price changes. At the same time, the portfolios in the system are updated daily using high quality data sources.

Over the last few years, machine learning strategies such as Lasso, NN, RF, RL have been integrated into AlphaAccess. These tools allow us to optimize across existing factors, global markets, and the different sectors.

By doing so, AlphaAccess aims for optimal diversification and risk management to ensure efficient long-term investment portfolios.

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