Investment Perspective

The philosophy that guides AlphaBeta's Asset Management
AlphaBeta's unique investment perspective embraces the field of quantitative investment management, and places financial science as the top criteria for the successful management of its clients' portfolios.

Investment Philosophy

In order to manage its clients' assets in an effective way, AlphaBeta relies on the following key principles:

Practical Science

The decision-making in our client portfolios is based on academic studies by the best finance researchers in the world. AlphaBeta tests and implements these academic studies with the help of "Alpha Access", a unique system it developed. The us of proven science aims to produce better results over time, and minimize psychological biases.

Global Diversification

Global diversification aims to reduce investors' risk and increases expected risk-adjusted return. As of today, the company is active in ~20 different markets globally, and is constantly looking to expand our investments to other countries.

Risk Management

AlphaBeta implements advanced strategies with low correlations in about 20 international markets. In doing so, it aims to generate superior diversification and risk-adjusted returns.

Achieving High Alpha

Alpha is a mathematically calculated metric used by investors to asses the abilities and qualities of their investment manager. Alpha represents the investment manager's ability to achieve return that is unexplained by the market. In other words, it separates returns generated by the markets from the "pure abilities" of the investment manager. One of the main goals of AlphaBeta is to achieve alpha that is as high as possible.

Beta Neutrality

Beta tests a fund's sensitivity to market volatility. A fund with high sensitivity to market volatility will have a high Beta, and vice-versa. Within its long-short products, AlphaBeta aims to produce beta neutrality in order to minimize sensitivity to market volatility.

Investment Process

In order to realize AlphaBeta’s investment philosophy, the company developed the “Alpha Access” system, which serves as a basis for the efficient management of its clients’ investment portfolios. The system enables AlphaBeta to produce effective long term investment portfolios by utilizing ~150 scientifically proven factors and AI strategies in more than 20 international markets.



The Alpha Access system is updated daily using external data sources, allowing for dynamic performance monitoring and strategy evaluation. Every quarter, the invested stocks are assessed according to their performance and factor ranking. In this way, adjustments can be made so that the investment portfolios may be efficient in the long run, display beta neutrality, and high alpha.

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