The company bases its activities on the most innovative research in the field of financial science, and applies empirically proven investment strategies.
The investment activity is divided into two main categories:
Long Investments

AlphaBeta's Long strategies are based on academic studies of anomalies in global markets. The strategies aim to generate excess returns over the benchmark index in each country we operate. In recent years, AlphaBeta has incorporated cutting edge AI strategies at the forefront of quantitative investment management.

Single Factor
Strategies that provide exposure to single anomalies in global markets.
Strategies that consider historical correlations between factor families to produce higher risk-adjusted returns through a combination of several individual factors.
AI Strategies
Innovative strategies based on artificial intelligence that enable dynamic weighting and timing of individual factors to achieve high Alpha.
Long-Short Investments

Investment strategies that make use of a wide variety of long and short financial instruments.

Market Neutral Strategies
Global long short strategies in ~20 markets based on anomalies documented in the academic literature.
AI Strategies
Using innovative strategies that integrate hundreds of factors and try to predict the expected return of stocks, long and short (IPCA, LASSO and more).
Statistical Arbitrage
Trading stock pairs with high historical correlation and similar factor characteristics whenever they drift out of their historical statistical relationships.
Global Macro
Investing in different types of assets through futures contracts based on momentum and macroeconomic variables.
An investment strategy that uses qualitative analysis combined with quantitative tools and artificial intelligence to select attractive stocks.
Event driven
Systematic strategies around merger and acquisition events (Merger Arbitrage). AlphaBeta uses a mathematical model to estimate the probability of merger/acquisition completion.
Long Short Volatility Strategies
Quantitative strategies that exploit risk premiums documented in academic research, driven by investors' hedging preferences.

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