Terms of Use


  1. General

1.1. Welcome to the website of Alpha Beta Company (A.S.A.) Indexes for Investments (2007) Ltd., PO Box 514035781, from the address Aryeh Disenchik 5, Tel Aviv, 6935640 (hereinafter: “the Company“), which operates the The website: www.alphabeta.co.il (hereinafter: “the website“).

1.2. The instructions in this Terms of Use document as well as the company’s Privacy Protection Policy and Cookie Policy (hereinafter: the “Terms of Use“) will apply to the use of the website and will form the legal basis in any matter between the user of the website (hereinafter: the “User“) and the Company. Therefore, please read the terms of use very carefully.

1.3. The user’s use of the website constitutes the user’s express consent to the instructions of the terms of use. To the extent that the user does not agree to what is stated in the terms of use, he must refrain from making any use of the site.

1.4. The terms of use of the site are intended for both women and men and have been drafted in the masculine language for convenience only.

1.5. The chapter titles below are provided for the user’s convenience and orientation and will not be used to interpret the terms of use.

1.6. The user agrees that the company’s computer records regarding the actions carried out through the website will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.

1.7. If there is a contradiction between what is said on the website and/or between the content of the website and the instructions of the terms of use, the instructions of the terms of use will prevail.

  1. The contents and information displayed on the website

2.1. The site includes general information about the company, its field of activity and various services offered by it. The information and content presented on the website (hereinafter collectively: “the information“) is general and informative information only, on an “AS-IS” basis, presented to the user for his private use for informational purposes only.

2.2. The information on the website does not constitute a recommendation, opinion, or advice. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that any reliance on the information presented on the website is the full responsibility of the user and the company will not be held responsible for this and/or in connection with any damage caused to the user as a result of the user’s reliance on the information and/or the extent to which the information is suitable for the user’s use and/or his needs.

2.3. The company makes efforts so that the information presented on the website is correct, updated, and complete. However, it is possible that the information is incomplete and there may have been technical errors as well as other errors in the information. It is clarified that the company is not responsible for inaccuracies and mistakes made in the information and in connection with it.

2.4. The company is entitled at any time and without giving notice, at its sole discretion, to stop or suspend the operation of the site, partially or completely, temporarily/or permanently, and/or to correct or change its nature and/or its content and/or its design and / or the information contained therein. The user will not have any claim and/or claim against the company in connection with the aforementioned.

2.5. The company may publish on the website from time-to-time opinions of professionals, articles, articles and more. The company is not responsible for the degree of accuracy or completeness of any information or opinion that was included in the contents and will not bear any responsibility for them and/or their suitability for any purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, the company will not bear any damage or liability because of the reliance of any of the users on such content and/or information and/or use of the content and/or information.

  1. The use of the website

3.1. The user undertakes to use the website in accordance with the provisions of any law and the provisions of the terms of use.

3.2. The user undertakes that he will not cause any damage to the company and the site and will not perform or assist in the performance of actions that may cause such damage, including but not limited to the user undertakes that he will not perform and will not allow others to:

3.2.1. use the site and/or content for any illegal, immoral, unauthorized and/or prohibited purpose;

3.2.2. use the website and/or content for commercial or non-private purposes, without the express written consent of the company in advance;

3.2.3. remove or separate from the content and/or the website any restrictions and signs indicating proprietary rights of the company or its licensors, including all proprietary notices appearing therein (such as ©, TM or ®);

3.2.4. Violate and/or infringe users’ rights to privacy and other rights, or collect personal information about users, whether manually or using any robot, spider, crawler, any search or retrieval application, or use of any other manual or automated means, process or method on in order to enter the website and retrieve, collect and/or extract information;

3.2.5. damage or disrupt the operations of the website or the servers or networks that store the website;

3.2.6. violate the provisions of any law in connection with the use of the website;

3.2.7. perform any action that creates or may create a large load on the site’s infrastructure;

3.2.8. bypass the means the company uses to prevent or limit access to the website;

3.2.9. copy, modify, modify, adapt, transmit, make available, translate, reference, reverse engineer, convert binary code to open source, decompile, or disassemble any part of the content or website or images and/or photographs and/or any other work which is displayed on the website and/or trademarks and/or trade names and/or brands, or present to the public, create derivative works, perform, distribute, sublicense, make any commercial use, sell, rent, transfer, lend, process, collect , to combine with other software – of any material subject to the company’s proprietary rights, including the company’s intellectual property;

3.2.10. sell, license, or exploit for any commercial purpose any use or access to the website;

3.2.11. violate the terms of use and any part of them;

3.3. The user undertakes not to upload, transmit, distribute, or publish information or other material that may encourage, induce, stimulate, or assist another to commit an act prohibited by these terms of use, legislation or that may trigger legal liability in connection with the company and/or the website.

3.4. The company had reason to suspect that a user violated a condition of the terms of use, the company will be entitled, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to take one or more of the actions detailed below, and this without detracting from any right or remedy available to the company by law:

3.4.1. block the user’s access to the website and/or part of it;

3.4.2. To demand and/or claim from the user any remedy to which she is entitled according to any law.

  1. Lack of responsibility

4.1. The company and anyone on its behalf (including its managers, employees, agents and/or representatives) will not be responsible and will not bear any loss and/or expense and/or damage of any kind and type whatsoever, direct, indirect, consequential or special, caused to the user, anyone on his behalf and / or to a third party, in connection with the use of the site, reliance on the site’s contents, use of the services presented on the site, and everything involved and related to this – whatever the cause of the claim – including loss of income and / or loss of profit caused by any reason whatsoever.

4.2. If and despite the above, it will be determined in a judicial court that the company has any responsibility towards the user, then the company’s responsibility and/or on its behalf, including but not limited to responsibility for loss, damages, remedies, costs and expenses (including reasonable NIS expenses) will be limited to direct damages only For the avoidance of doubt, the company will not be responsible for any indirect, consequential, special and/or punitive damages.

  1. Indemnification

The user hereby undertakes to indemnify the company (including its managers, employees and/or anyone on its behalf) and/or any third party against any damage, loss, liability, loss, expense, claim or demand, including legal expenses and attorney’s fees, that the company incurs and/or anyone on its behalf and/or to any third party following the user’s and/or anyone on his behalf’s illegal use of the website and/or violation of the terms of use, including, but not limited to, due to violation of intellectual property rights, confidentiality, property or privacy.

  1. Delivery of advertisements, newsletters, and direct mail

6.1. The company offers the user to receive from the company and anyone on its behalf newsletters, information on benefits, promotions, discounts, and marketing information, including advertising as defined in the Communications (Bezek and Broadcasting) Law, 1982 (hereinafter: “the notices” and “the law” respectively). The user’s consent to receive the messages constitutes an explicit consent to receive advertisements in accordance with the provisions of the law.

6.2. By filling in the details on the website and confirming the receipt of advertising materials, the user gives his express consent to receive the messages by all electronic means, including facsimile, automatic dialing system, email, short message, SMS and more.

6.3. For the avoidance of doubt, the user will provide the company with his contact information only.

6.4. The user may withdraw his consent to receive messages and advertising materials at any time, by contacting the company.

  1. Intellectual property

7.1. All intellectual property rights on the site, including the copyrights, indices, the “Alpha Access” system and any add-on, addition and/or improvement therein, the methods, services, name, logo, brand names, images, photographs, texts, domain names, etc. are its property of the company only. These rights apply, among other things, to the graphic design of the company’s website, its databases (including the company’s service lists, etc.), the website’s computer code, its Internet address and any other detail related to its operation (hereinafter: the “intellectual property“).

7.2. You may not copy, reproduce, photograph, transmit, make a derivative work, publish, distribute, publicly perform, process, edit, sell, market and/or translate any information from the website and/or parts of it (including trademarks, images, texts, and computer code) without obtaining the express written permission of the company in advance. It is clarified that as part of the user’s use of the website, he is not granted any license or right in the intellectual property or the website or any part thereof.

7.3. You may not make any commercial use of the data published by the company, in the company’s database, in the lists of services appearing therein or in other details published by the company without obtaining the express written consent of the company in advance.

7.4. Icons, any information and/or display appearing on the site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, as well as the editing and presentation of these, are the exclusive property of the company. Any use of this property of the company will be made according to the instructions of the terms of use only.

  1. Links to websites

The site may offer links, hyperlinks, or banners to other sites, which the company does not supervise or check, including their reliability and/or legality and/or everything related to their security, is not responsible for what is said in them and does not present any representation as to the correctness and suitability of the sites and/ or the information in them. Therefore, the company will not bear any liability and is exempt from any responsibility in connection with any damage, loss or expense, of any kind and type, whether direct or indirect and/or circumstantial and/or consequential, which have been and/or will be caused to the user and a third party, Regarding the use of the website and/or web pages as mentioned and/or the content published in them, and the use is the sole responsibility of the user.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The conditions and instructions detailed in the terms of use, as well as any change or amendment thereof, as well as the use of the website, will be regulated according to the laws of the State of Israel without reference to the applicable choice of law clauses therein. Jurisdiction in connection with any dispute and/or claim that may arise in connection with the use of the website or related to it is exclusively given to the courts of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

  1. Additional conditions

10.1. To the extent that a provision of these terms of use is determined by the court to be illegal and/or invalid, despite the intention of the parties, then this will not invalidate the other provisions of these terms of use and/or the parts of that provision that were canceled and/or reduced by the legal court.

10.2. These terms of use do not derogate from any right granted to the company under any law.

10.3. Waiver, avoidance of action on time or granting an extension will not be considered a waiver by the company of any of its rights according to these terms of use or according to law, and will not serve as a bar to a claim by it or anyone on its behalf, unless such a waiver is made expressly and in writing.

10.4. The company may, at its sole discretion, change the terms of use from time to time without the need for prior notice or notification. Current terms of use published on the website will bind the user. The user’s continued use after the terms have been updated will constitute the user’s acceptance of the updated terms, including the changes made.

  1. Contact us

You can contact us regarding any question about the use of the website, by email: office@alpha-beta.co.il.

Updated for July 2023.

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