“What has guided me throughout all that I have done is innovation, differentiation, and improving existing standards. This is the reason I founded, with two other partners, “Analyst” in the 80’s. We brought fundamental analysis to Israel. Innovation is the same reason why I left Analyst after 17 years and established the coffee chain “Arcaffe” – to bring the highest standard of quality coffee to Israel.

After selling the “Arcaffe” chain, we established AlphaBeta to offer a truly alternative solution in investment management in Israel – smart quantitative investment management using the most advanced technologies. Therefore, AlphaBeta’s goal is to implement advanced investment methodologies created in line with the latest academic finance research.

In the last decades, the biggest innovation in quantitative investments has been the use of factors discovered in scientific research. And so, we developed at AlphaBeta the “AlphaAccess” system that leverages the factors discovered in the field, and uses them to enable smarter and more efficient investment management.

I believe that investment management’s future lies in AI and machine learning. The quantity of financial data over the years only continues to grow and so more complex systems are required to manage, analyze, and derive insights from the data, that will help to achieve higher returns in the long run.

This is the reason AlphaBeta has chosen to invest in implementing an AI system. The system uses factor-based big data to produce AI methodologies for managing financial assets. In so doing, we aim to achieve the highest results for the management of our clients’ assets, and lead the field of investment management in Israel into the future”. 

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